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Why I Don’t Call the Police

As many of you know, black people not calling the police is a tradition that goes back a long time. Black people that call the police tend to get beaten by either the police, or by Tookie and RayRay and them. When the police get called in the hood, one way or another, somebody getting their ass beat. On top of that, everybody knows the police are racist, and probably won’t listen to shit a nigger got to say anyway.

Crackers like to write off stories of black people getting ignored by the police when they are clearly the victims of a heinous crime as the black people probably deserved to be ignored. Well, this is one such story. Once you read it, you will have no other choice but to be convinced that black people ain’t got no business calling the police.

A while back, I had put my garbage cans out by the curb to be collected like I routinely do every now and then. It was a normal day. The sun was shining, the sirens were wailing, the helicopters were flying, and you only heard the odd gunshot every now and then. There was nothing to suggest that I would be the victim of a crime during the night.

When I woke up the next afternoon, I went out to bring my garbage cans back to the house. The only problem was my cans had been stolen. They were probably stolen by some honkey as an initiation into the Ku Klux Klan or something. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I called the police.

After an hour passed, a police officer finally showed up at my door. Can you believe that racist cracker? I mean he pulled his black and white car right in front of my house. I told him under my breath that I had a crime to report, but I did not want my neighbors to know. He pulled his car down the street a ways.

Using the mailboxes as cover, I snuck to where the pig was now. I informed him that my garbage cans had been stolen. He asked how I knew they had been stolen. I told him that I had put them out for my garbage to be picked up, and when I came back to get them, they were gone. Then that racist son of a bitch had the nerve to suggest that I hadn’t paid my garbage bill. That asshole told me to call the garbage company, and if they had not picked up the garbage cans due to non-payment, he would come back and take a report. I tried to protest, but he just drove off.

I was so angry, and appalled at the boldness of this institutional racism. To suggest that just because I am black I don’t pay my bills. I was pissed, but all I could do was storm back to my house.

It was about this time that Tookie and RayRay and them who had been sitting on the curb across the street, approached me. They were pissed that the police had come into the hood, and dorve off their customers. They asked if I had called the police. I said the only thing any sane person could. I told them hell no I didn’t call no racist ass cracker pigs. I told them that the pig had the wrong address when he had stopped at my house, and he said he was looking for old Miss Johnson down the street. That seemed to satisfy them, and they returned to lawn chairs near the curb across the street.

Then, about two in the morning, somebody pulled a drive-by on poor old Miss Johnson. Well, there wasn’t no way I was calling those racist ass pigs back.

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Swift Thoughts: Racist Police

I read somewhere that the Boston police cracked down on those honky hippies occupying Boston. I got two words: welcome to my world bitches!

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More Words Need to be Gotten Rid Of

There are words in the English language that are terrible and dehumanize people. There are words that when heard by certain segments of people, they evoke rage, and pain, and suffering. These words are too dangerous to be spoken by the wrong people. And by wrong people, I mean racist, crackerass white people.

We are all familiar with the demise of the word “nigger” in society. Now, whitey can not say nigger even if quoting someone else during a news report. They have to say “the n-word” or “that word” or “that word who must not be named.” It’s a good start, but I think we should make this a growing list. If we try hard, we may be able to keep racists from ever saying anything again. That, my brothers, is the way to end racism.

I recently read a blog post by an intelligent, young, brother named Francis L. Holland. In this article, and through much of his blog, he lays out the case that “race” doesn’t exist. He goes on to state that since race does not exist, when white people talk about racism, they are being racist. He has decided that white people should refrain from using the term “racism” and instead use the term “color arousal disorder.” This is all based on the facts that one, “race” is white supremacist propaganda, and two, science! has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that race doesn’t exist. An excellent addition to our growing list.

Another word on the list that is not quite as high-profile is the word “tar-baby.” I am sure we are all familiar with the racist story of how Brer Fox caught Brer Rabbit with a tar-baby. If not, you are a racist suffering from extreme color arousal disorder. Recently this term was used by Rep. Doug Lamborn to denigrate the First Brother, Barack Obama. Lamborn was forced by public pressure to back away from the statement and apologize. While not officially a “word who must be named” it’s well on its way.

While all of this well-intentioned speech stopping is moving us closer to a world where racist honkies can no longer practice their racism, it does not go far enough. There are a few more words in my crosshairs. We as a race need to create a hue and cry to ban more words if we hope to achieve a color-blind society.

Next up is “black”. White people should no longer be able to use the word “black.” It’s a common term used to denote the color of black man’s skin, which makes it racist. The problem is; however, that black people’s skin is not black. There a many color variations in the skin of black people. Some are sort of a yellowish brown. Others are more of a reddish brown. The point is that by referring to black people by the color of their skin, white people are dehumanizing them, and failing to take into consideration the many unique qualities individual black people possess. From now on, I propose that white people must use some other means of identifying black people. I think white people should not use “black” in any sense since it is racist by its very nature. Some have proposed “African American,” but I don’t like it. I think we should use “person of African descent.”

Another word that needs to be banned is African American. This term implies that black people are somehow citizens of Amerikkka. We are not citizens of Amerikkka. Black people had no choice in coming here, and have been treated as less than human since we’ve been here. I resent the assumption, and would like to see any white person using this offensive term shouted down as a racist by all right thinking black people.

I think we can all agree that “brother” has become the new “nigger.” Anytime whitey wants to talk about black people in a negative way, but not use that “word who must not be named” they use “brother.” They say it all condescending trying to emulate black speech like “brotha”. Crackers should not be able to use such hurtful, and racist words.

We all know that the origin of the words “sir” comes from that bastion of whiteness, Europe. It was used a title to honor knights, which I am pretty sure were all white (not be confused with alright). It is so damn offensive when a white man comes up addressing a black “sir.” Like he is some sort of white knight of European descent. How disrespectful. White people are always going “yes sir” and “no sir” like we are in medieval England or something. White people should not say sir. Ever. Period.

Once these words are banned, I think we will be well on our way to living in the color blind society envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther the King. A society in which white people won’t use derisive language in the presence of black people. A society in which a white man meeting a black man on the street will avert his eyes, and step off the sidewalk in reverence. That’s the society I envision.

UPDATELooks like some New York State Senators are trying to gets some laws passed that will help us with our list of banned words. The moneyshot via Moonbattery (Should be whitecrackery):

Proponents of a more refined First Amendment argue that this freedom should be treated not as a right but as a privilege — a special entitlement granted by the state on a conditional basis that can be revoked if it is ever abused or maltreated.

Count me as in favor of a “more refined First Amendment”.

UPDATE – I was able to get those honkies at In Mala Fide to post this for all those racist crackers to see! Thanks Ferdinand, you white interloper!


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