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Why I Don’t Call the Police

As many of you know, black people not calling the police is a tradition that goes back a long time. Black people that call the police tend to get beaten by either the police, or by Tookie and RayRay and them. When the police get called in the hood, one way or another, somebody getting their ass beat. On top of that, everybody knows the police are racist, and probably won’t listen to shit a nigger got to say anyway.

Crackers like to write off stories of black people getting ignored by the police when they are clearly the victims of a heinous crime as the black people probably deserved to be ignored. Well, this is one such story. Once you read it, you will have no other choice but to be convinced that black people ain’t got no business calling the police.

A while back, I had put my garbage cans out by the curb to be collected like I routinely do every now and then. It was a normal day. The sun was shining, the sirens were wailing, the helicopters were flying, and you only heard the odd gunshot every now and then. There was nothing to suggest that I would be the victim of a crime during the night.

When I woke up the next afternoon, I went out to bring my garbage cans back to the house. The only problem was my cans had been stolen. They were probably stolen by some honkey as an initiation into the Ku Klux Klan or something. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I called the police.

After an hour passed, a police officer finally showed up at my door. Can you believe that racist cracker? I mean he pulled his black and white car right in front of my house. I told him under my breath that I had a crime to report, but I did not want my neighbors to know. He pulled his car down the street a ways.

Using the mailboxes as cover, I snuck to where the pig was now. I informed him that my garbage cans had been stolen. He asked how I knew they had been stolen. I told him that I had put them out for my garbage to be picked up, and when I came back to get them, they were gone. Then that racist son of a bitch had the nerve to suggest that I hadn’t paid my garbage bill. That asshole told me to call the garbage company, and if they had not picked up the garbage cans due to non-payment, he would come back and take a report. I tried to protest, but he just drove off.

I was so angry, and appalled at the boldness of this institutional racism. To suggest that just because I am black I don’t pay my bills. I was pissed, but all I could do was storm back to my house.

It was about this time that Tookie and RayRay and them who had been sitting on the curb across the street, approached me. They were pissed that the police had come into the hood, and dorve off their customers. They asked if I had called the police. I said the only thing any sane person could. I told them hell no I didn’t call no racist ass cracker pigs. I told them that the pig had the wrong address when he had stopped at my house, and he said he was looking for old Miss Johnson down the street. That seemed to satisfy them, and they returned to lawn chairs near the curb across the street.

Then, about two in the morning, somebody pulled a drive-by on poor old Miss Johnson. Well, there wasn’t no way I was calling those racist ass pigs back.

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Swift Thoughts: Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is just a plot cooked up by whitey to put another racial group between them and us. Once this place is full of beaners, black folks will just be an even smaller, and more insignificant percentage of the total population of Amerikka. Don’t believe whitey when he be moans all the wetbacks taking jobs, they brought them here. And them racist greasers are in on it with them. Just another reason to hate whitey, and their racism.


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Troy Davis: Murdered By Crackers

Tonight, another black man was murdered by the racist (in)Justice System of Amerikkka. The state of Georgia slaughtered Troy Davis because he had allegedly shot and killed some cracker cop. This case smacks of a hate crime perpetrated at the highest levels of government. There is no evidence at all in this case. No murder weapon, no DNA. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Troy Davis had anything to do with the death of that cracker. None. The fact that the case had been appealed numerous times, and the conviction was not overturned is just more evidence to support my claims that the Amerikkkan (in)Justice System is a racist institution concerned with nothing more than killing as many black men as possible.

We have to rise up, brothers! We must take a stand against this racist (in)Justice System that cannot be trusted to make a ham sandwich, much less decide whether or not someone deserves to die. Every year, more and more brothers are massacred by the Amerikkkan (in)Justice System. The death penalty must be abolished to prevent the racially motivated genocide being carried out by these honkies with the desired outcome being nothing less than the complete extermination of the black race in Amerikkka.

Oh, and did you hear they put Lawrence Brewer to death? Burn in hell cracker! – I AM TROY DAVIS


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Y I Hate YT

A lot of folks ask me, “Rev. Dr. Swift, why do you hate white people so much?” I get asked that question so often, I figured I would go ahead and type out my thoughts on the matter for all the oppressors to see! They will know that I am not afraid of their police state, and their inherently racist (in)Justice System!

First of all, let me preface this by saying that I am not a racist, some of my best friends are white, but even crackers have to admit they are evil. Just take a look at the prisons. Richard Pryor once said that he went down to the police station looking for justice, and that was exactly what he found, just us. It is not a secret that the white prison system incarcerates way more black people than it does honkies. That way whitey can ensure that more black children grow up without their fathers. It is also no secret that children that come from a broken home are more likely to commit crimes. The white (in)Justice System is being used by whitey to create a self-perpetuating black criminal factory. On top of that, everybody knows black folks like to smoke weed and attend a good dog fight, so whitey went and made those two black recreational activities illegal, air go, it is easier to arrest young, strong, intelligent brothers like Michael Vick. Michael Vick is not a criminal, he is a victim of racist policing policies set up to disproportionally punish black men for doing nothing more but indulging their God given instincts!

On top of that, crackers have all the money! Honkies like Sheldon Adelson and Steve Jobs are born into privilege, and then climb their way to the top of the Fortune 500 on the backs of black people. White privilege gave them access to the best schools, and easy grades. White privilege enabled them to secure capital for their risky business ventures. Their white privilege allowed them to take advantage of all that Amerikkka has to offer, and we all know Amerikkka was built by slaves! Black, African slaves! Theirfour those honkies got rich off the blood, sweat, and tears of the black people that built this country five hundred years ago.

Crackers are also a bunch of whining-ass bitches. Every time a few young brothers punch a few honkies, honkies start crying like a bunch of women watching a Lifetime movie! Give it up, nobody is buying your fake outrage! Where were you when your people were torturing, and killing my people five hundred years ago? Crackers didn’t care about the oppression of black people then, and they don’t care now. So what if you got roughed up a little? You deserve it!

In summation, honkies are failures as human being. Never has there been another group of people so privileged, yet so evil. I hate honkies with every fiber of my being. I can’t stand a honkey! If I could get away with it, I would punch every honkey I saw. But, Rachel McAdams, I’d hit that!

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