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What Am I Thankful For

Since today is Thanksgiving, I figured I would share a list of things I am thankful for:

  1. I am thankful that I can say nigger, but honkies can’t
  2. I am thankful for the first of the month
  3. I am thankful that contrary to popular belief pimpin’ is easy
  4. I am thankful that bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks
  5. I am thankful for my strong pimp-hand
  6. I am thankful that white people are such cowards that they won’t call a spade a spade

That’s just a list of small things for which I am thankful. The thing that I am most thankful for is that you stupid crackers brought my ancestors here to scam the shit out of your dumb asses! If you are bored on Thanksgiving, and looking for something to do, leave your list of things you are thankful for in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks to all of you who have been partaking in my version of the truth.

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Why I Don’t Call the Police

As many of you know, black people not calling the police is a tradition that goes back a long time. Black people that call the police tend to get beaten by either the police, or by Tookie and RayRay and them. When the police get called in the hood, one way or another, somebody getting their ass beat. On top of that, everybody knows the police are racist, and probably won’t listen to shit a nigger got to say anyway.

Crackers like to write off stories of black people getting ignored by the police when they are clearly the victims of a heinous crime as the black people probably deserved to be ignored. Well, this is one such story. Once you read it, you will have no other choice but to be convinced that black people ain’t got no business calling the police.

A while back, I had put my garbage cans out by the curb to be collected like I routinely do every now and then. It was a normal day. The sun was shining, the sirens were wailing, the helicopters were flying, and you only heard the odd gunshot every now and then. There was nothing to suggest that I would be the victim of a crime during the night.

When I woke up the next afternoon, I went out to bring my garbage cans back to the house. The only problem was my cans had been stolen. They were probably stolen by some honkey as an initiation into the Ku Klux Klan or something. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I called the police.

After an hour passed, a police officer finally showed up at my door. Can you believe that racist cracker? I mean he pulled his black and white car right in front of my house. I told him under my breath that I had a crime to report, but I did not want my neighbors to know. He pulled his car down the street a ways.

Using the mailboxes as cover, I snuck to where the pig was now. I informed him that my garbage cans had been stolen. He asked how I knew they had been stolen. I told him that I had put them out for my garbage to be picked up, and when I came back to get them, they were gone. Then that racist son of a bitch had the nerve to suggest that I hadn’t paid my garbage bill. That asshole told me to call the garbage company, and if they had not picked up the garbage cans due to non-payment, he would come back and take a report. I tried to protest, but he just drove off.

I was so angry, and appalled at the boldness of this institutional racism. To suggest that just because I am black I don’t pay my bills. I was pissed, but all I could do was storm back to my house.

It was about this time that Tookie and RayRay and them who had been sitting on the curb across the street, approached me. They were pissed that the police had come into the hood, and dorve off their customers. They asked if I had called the police. I said the only thing any sane person could. I told them hell no I didn’t call no racist ass cracker pigs. I told them that the pig had the wrong address when he had stopped at my house, and he said he was looking for old Miss Johnson down the street. That seemed to satisfy them, and they returned to lawn chairs near the curb across the street.

Then, about two in the morning, somebody pulled a drive-by on poor old Miss Johnson. Well, there wasn’t no way I was calling those racist ass pigs back.

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The Mall: Battleground of the Revolution

I love going to the mall. You get to walk around and bask in all that soon to be gone whiteness. You get to see all those crackers get uncomfortable as you walk by. Not to mention all those hot white bitches walking around.

See, I believe the Amerikkkan mall is the front line of the racial revolution in this country. You can observe many battles unfold over varying lengths of time at the mall.

Take a snapshot of social interaction at the mall and you will see something beautiful. White families walking around, perusing the various wares on offer. The minute a black man walks by, you will see the husbands/fathers pull their wives and children closer. Their eyes get wide, and they try to nonchalantly watch in awe of the superiority of the black man.

Over the passing of the day, you can see the mall mimic the last hundred years of history in this country. The mall opens and it’s mostly honkies walking around brazenly as if they are in control, not a care in the world. As the sun sets, you can see the racial make up of the patrons getting darker. More blacks flood the stores and as they do, the ofays grow more and more afraid because they are losing control of a place they once moved through peacefully and comfortably.

Over the course of a few years you can see the entire history of Amerikkka play out. The mall opens and it is almost entirely caucasian. The only blacks there are the few that are stepping and fetching for their cracker bosses. All the stores are geared towards selling products to honkies. As the years pass, black people become more prevalent and honkies start to avoid the place. Costume jewelry kiosks and tennis shoe stores start to appear. After ten years, there is nothing but sports apparel stores, knock off name brand fashion stores, and custom tee shirt shops lining the halls. Honkies avoid this place like the plague because they know we have taken the mall over. It is now ours.

Not everything you can see at the mall is positive. The local mall here is in the throes of whiteness, but is darkening. There is frozen yogurt shop where you get in line, and serve yourself before paying. There are sample cups where you can try the different flavors before making your purchase.

A group of black teenagers walked in. They were ready to game the system by eating their fill from sample cups and not paying. One of the teens appeared uncomfortable with this plan, obviously a little snitch. After a heavy dose of peer pressure, they finally convinced her to succumb to her blackness and take what was owed to her. Then these enterprising youths pulled their scam without a hitch. It was nice to see the ofays get shafted by some young, intelligent black kids.

The mall is a great place to see how blacks are exercising their superiority over crackers. We are finally taking what is owed to us. I hope one day we will have all we deserve.

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A Link From a Honkey

Some cracker site called In Bona Fide linked to my blog. I’m not sure what this cracker trying to accomplish. Maybe sending his ofay thugs over here to try to shut down my chocolate truthiness! Little does he (they?) know, when I send my homies over there all those crackers will abandon that site like rats deserting a sinking ship. Before long the Internet will be the way God (or Morgan Freeman) intended, a chocolate Internet.

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Swift Thoughts: Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is just a plot cooked up by whitey to put another racial group between them and us. Once this place is full of beaners, black folks will just be an even smaller, and more insignificant percentage of the total population of Amerikka. Don’t believe whitey when he be moans all the wetbacks taking jobs, they brought them here. And them racist greasers are in on it with them. Just another reason to hate whitey, and their racism.


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Troy Davis: Murdered By Crackers

Tonight, another black man was murdered by the racist (in)Justice System of Amerikkka. The state of Georgia slaughtered Troy Davis because he had allegedly shot and killed some cracker cop. This case smacks of a hate crime perpetrated at the highest levels of government. There is no evidence at all in this case. No murder weapon, no DNA. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Troy Davis had anything to do with the death of that cracker. None. The fact that the case had been appealed numerous times, and the conviction was not overturned is just more evidence to support my claims that the Amerikkkan (in)Justice System is a racist institution concerned with nothing more than killing as many black men as possible.

We have to rise up, brothers! We must take a stand against this racist (in)Justice System that cannot be trusted to make a ham sandwich, much less decide whether or not someone deserves to die. Every year, more and more brothers are massacred by the Amerikkkan (in)Justice System. The death penalty must be abolished to prevent the racially motivated genocide being carried out by these honkies with the desired outcome being nothing less than the complete extermination of the black race in Amerikkka.

Oh, and did you hear they put Lawrence Brewer to death? Burn in hell cracker! – I AM TROY DAVIS


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Whitey Does Something Stupid, Honkies Cheer

Stupid crackers! Why is it that when some honkey. Does something stupid, they get celebrated as heroes? Peep this story about some stupid white ho charging a grizzly bear while on horse back:

The grizzly was zeroed in on Scout and the boy – the isolated prey in the woods.

Adding to the drama, the boy’s father, an experienced rider, could not convince his horse that it was a good plan to ride to his son’s rescue.

“The last thing he saw over his shoulder as his horse ran away was the grizzly chasing his boy,” Bolster said.

With the bear on Scout’s heels, Tonk’s instinct was to flee with the group of horses. But Tonk responded to Bolster’s heels in his ribs as she spun the big fella around. They wheeled out of a 360 and bolted into the trees to wedge between the predator and the prey.

“The boy was bent over, feet out of the stirrups, clutching the saddle horn and the horse’s neck,” she said. “That kept him from hitting a tree limb.

“But all I could think about was the boy falling off in the path of that grizzly.

“I bent down, screamed and yelled, but the bear was growling and snarling and staying very focused on Scout.

“As it tried to circle back toward Scout, I realized I had to get Tonk to square off and face the bear. We had to get the bear to acknowledge us.

“We did. We got its attention – and the bear charged.

“So I charged at the bear.”

Did she think twice about that?

“I had no hesitation, honestly,” Bolster said. “Nothing in my body was going to let that little boy get hurt by that bear. That wasn’t an option.”

Seriously? Why is this news? Some honkey exploits an animal and forces it to risk their life for the glorification of said honkey. Now we have to celebrate this honkey as a hero?

You’d never see a brother doing something like that. Why the hell should I risk my life to help some little kid I don’t even know? That’s just dumb. Self preservation, bitch, ever hear of it? That’s the instinct that keeps us from getting ourselves killed by doing useless, stupid things.

How did whitey become so numerous doing such stupid stuff? Just one more reason to hate crackers!

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