Swift Game

17 Nov

I see you crackers are all caught up in game sites where other honkies tell you about how to get hoes. It seems to really generate traffic. Some of these gamers have written books and made straight bank on selling their game techniques. Well, I am all about making straight bank, so I am about to drop some game knowledge on you fools from my perspective.

First, let me inform you, I haven’t scientifically, or systematically proven any of the game principals I am about to present. I am pretty sure that game originated somewhere besides the popular game blogs that all you ofays are reading. Like those cracker gamers, my principals were learned from others who have spent decades tightening their game. While there were many influences on my game, I learned the most from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Since this is my take on game, the basic concepts may be different from what you’ve already learned in other places. This post will serve to give a foundation for an alternative to the game you have been taught elsewhere. For each of these basic concepts, I will cite the words of my mentor to show my work so to speak.

To begin to have tight game, you have to understand the very simple core concept of my game. While this concept is simple, it is difficult to implement because it is a harsh truth. People have a hard time dealing with harsh truths. That core concept is: Bitches ain’t shit. To begin to understand this concept, here is a video example:[Not Safe For Whitey]

All other game flows from this singular principal. Once it is mastered, if any questions arise about the application of game, all one must do is refer to the source. Since bitches ain’t shit, all interactions with bitches must be viewed through this prism.

The concept of bitches ain’t ain’t shit in action is to findum fuckum and flee as illustrated by NWA: [NSFW]

So, know that you have learned the core principal of my style of game: bitches ain’t shit, and seen it in action, let me leave you with an example of a player who has mastered this style of game: [NSFW]

That concludes today’s lesson in game. If you want more, the next segment will cost you twenty dollars. If you want a week of lessons, that’ll be one hundred dollars. Prices doubled for honkies.

(H/T Simon Rierdon)


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2 responses to “Swift Game

  1. Pharaoh Buster

    November 21, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Words to live by, brother man.

    “Prices doubled for honkies.”

    Aw, that’s cold.


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