Not All White People Are Racist

27 Oct

You would think during the reign of the first black president this would go without saying. Even a supercharged bigot like the good Rev. Dr. Swift has to be able to admit that. President Obama would not be ‘President” if white people did not vote for him in large numbers. Unless, of course you believe those crazy conspiracy theories that groups like ACORN committed voter fraud on a large enough scale that most white people did not have to vote for him. Or even better, that the JOOOOOZ just had him installed like they do every president.

But I digress.

You would think in a day and age where white people send humongous ass-tons of money to Africa for AIDS research, white people would not have to defend themselves against the kind of outlandish accusations that our good reverend and doctor likes to throw about. I’m sure our magnanimous host believes that white people invented AIDS, and have a cure stashed away that’s just for white people and Magic Johnson.

One would expect that in an era where black people are afforded affirmative action in every aspect of work and education that people could finally stop cowering in fear of being outed as a racist just because they believe the most qualified person should get a job, or entrance to a university. Sadly that’s not the case. Race hustlers like Swift believe that stuff is owed to them and their people because some ancient ancestor was owned by some dude that died two hundred years ago. To quote Dr. Evil, “Boo Fricketty Hoo.”

That’s why I took this post as Swift’s house cracker. Somebody needs to pierce that tool’s ignorance. Somebody has to at least try to interject some common sense into this sea of swirling idiocy. Race relations ain’t that hard. If everybody would just quit their incessant whining, we may be able to move towards a future where there is no government run plantation, or instant societal death for any white person that dares to speak out about it.

Rev. Dr. Swift’s Response

First, I ain’t no bigot, boy. Second, I admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations. Third, it’s the Jews I tell ya! Fourth, you didn’t know whitey invented AIDS and have a cure stashed away that’s just for whitey and Magic Johnson? Here’s a video that proves it. Fifth, of course you owe me. Sixth, everyone is treated as an equal here, Honkey McCrackerson.


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3 responses to “Not All White People Are Racist

  1. Danielle Williams

    October 29, 2011 at 4:16 am

    As a black person, I agree and disagree. I personally believe that white people bring it upon themselves. It’s pretty funny that black people can throw a Black expo and everything’s ok, but when white people want to throw a white expo its totally 100% racist. Why so many people think that all black people play basketball, eat fried chicken, are criminals with baby mama’s and sugar daddy’s who can’t hold down a job, I don’t know? But, Throughout history, white people and Europeans in general cannot stand other races, and sometimes even themselves. Why they ruined Africa, North and South American, and even their own nations through so much hate. Once again, white people brought it upon themselves, and until y’all realize that, nothing is going to change. Well except black on black racism, which will only be helped by black people. Don’t get me wrong, black people need to get their act together too, we need to get off of the past and stop accusing everything white people say about black people as being racist… it is stupid. Racism is stupid but everyone wants to blame it on white people and I don’t blame them. Y’all brought it upon yourselves.

    • Honkey McCrackerson

      October 29, 2011 at 4:24 pm

      So, let me get this straight, you don’t blame white people for racism, yet white people brought the hatred of black people on themselves, does that sum up your opinion? Interesting.

      Also, you don’t know why white people have a negative opinion of black people, yet you contend black people need to get their act together? Am I only one that sees that as a contradiction? Maybe it’s my inherent racism, and white privilege speaking, but that doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Rev. Dr. Swift

    October 29, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    I try to tell Honkey all the time that white people brought all this on themselves, but he don’t listen. He just keeps quoting statistics, and studies compiled, and executed by racists in academia. Can’t seen the plain truth in front of his own face, poor cracker.


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