Drug Addicts: It’s Not Your Fault

27 Oct

I want to talk to my brothers who are struggling with drug addiction. I know there are a disproportionate number of black people hooked on drugs. I want you to know its not your fault.

The fact that more black people are drug addicts than white people is a clear sign of the systemic racism that still exists in Amerikkka. That’s an irrefutable fact. It can’t be argued.

Black people, it’s not your fault you are addicted to drugs. In fact, I am surprised that more black people are not addicted to drugs. The difficulties of black life in Amerikkka make it nearly impossible to just get through the day without some sort of help. Just think about how much more difficult your life is due to racism.

You have to pay bills imposed on you by some cracker. You probably have a car note because some honkey sold you a car you couldn’t really afford by aggressive and racist marketing techniques. Then you have to have insurance that you can’t afford because some ofay politicians passed law mandating it. You can’t afford that shit, so you let it lapse. Then some racist cop tows your car and writes a ticket because you don’t have insurance.

Now, you have to pay a ticket, a tow bill, and have your insurance reinstated just to get your car back. Because you had to pay for all that institutional racism, you’re behind on your car note. Along comes the racist repo man to take your car back for the bank.

That’s just the circle of racism that goes into vehicle ownership for a black man. The government won’t help you because all the racists hang together. You feel outnumbered and surrounded. Then the white man introduces drugs in the hood. How could you not smoke a rock or shoot some heroine after a day like that?

So you see, my drug addicted brothers and sisters, addiction is not your fault. The white man has stacked the deck against you by giving you loans you can’t afford, passing laws that make you pay for extra stuff, and enforcing laws that disproportionately affect black people. The white man invented drugs knowing that black people would look for a way to escape from the racist reality of their lives.

I know some white people are drug addicts, but they’re just lazy, shiftless, trash that couldn’t take advantage of their white privilege. Fuck them.

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