If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today

17 Oct

If Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King were alive today he would read this blog. He would read it, and he would weep at all the truth I write.

If he were alive today, he would see my blog and weep because this is what he died for. For black man living in a white world, and able to have a voice.

If he were alive today, he would remind me to continue the struggle. He would tell me that racism still exists, and I should continue to rail against it.

If the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther the King were alive today he would say white people still have too much power, and need to be taken down a peg.

If he were alive today he would tell me that everything I have done has been right. He would tell me he is proud of me, pat me on the head, and tuck me in bed. He would then tell me goodnight.

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One response to “If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today

  1. Anonymous X

    October 23, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    But you are dead WRONG, my Black friend. DEAD wrong! You see, Reverend, the King IS alive today. I say he is ALIVE, my brotha!

    He is ALIVE in each and every beautiful Black man, woman and child; for, I declare, ANYONE sporting the Black face — indeed, EVERY human bearing a Black scent & sensitivity, a Black tone & texture, a Black mind & musculature — is truly a king of & among humanity by His essence & existence.

    He is ALIVE in our Black geniuses & SCHOLARS: in you the reader, our humble Rev. Dr. Swift, and myself; in Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, and PRESIDENT Barack Obama; in Spike Lee, Russell Simmons, and Denzel Washington; in Kanye West, DMX, and Bushwick Bill; in Lebron James, Michael Vick, and Tiger Woods; et al.; surely, my niggers, I could proceed for eternity.

    He is ALIVE in our struggle for DIVERSITY, my brothas, and he shall inherit all kingdoms of the world one day in the future, to claim his natural birthright, either by grace, by force, or by reparations.

    And, finally, he is ALIE in our refusal to tolerate the HATE of the WHITE PLAGUE, the racism by which our pale-faced oppressors link together the vry chains that will soon shackle us NOT in chattel slavery — be it institutionalized & politicized or personalized & incentivized — but instead in UNITY & brotherhood.

    So hear me out. Be PROUD! And I implore you to capitalize ‘Black’; because on this site, at last, I can honestly say We’re in an exclusively safe dwelling together, FREELY segregated, for once, from the caucasians with their manipulation and their divide & conquer tactics. And, dammit, I’ll be damned if We don’t mothafuckin’ deserve it.



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