Video of a Hate Crime

14 Oct


I hate to keep harping on him, but that Paul Kersey is most assuredly a racist. He posted the above video with a long screed about black men being violent and whatnot. Sorry, Paul, but the video evidence is irrefutable. The woman who was “attacked” in this video is obviously a hate criminal. She is hanging out in front of a black business looking all weird and stuff. And you can’t hear it, but I am sure she is mumbling the word nigger.

In a civilized society, you just can’t do that. You can’t be a honkey retard hanging out in front of black business. These brave brothers are just defending themselves, and their people’s businesses from the eternal white onslaught.

After this video went “viral” the racist spin machine went to work. The cracker news started reporting this as some kind of unprovoked attack on some honkey. Now the racist ass police done arrested an innocent brother for the crime of standing up for his community. This man is a victim. He is a victim of racist society that holds retarded white people as some sort of protected class of people. I say screw the white retards. She shouldn’t have been hanging around there looking like she was up to something nefarious.

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