Black Superheroes A No No

11 Oct

Did y’all hear about that brother, Phoenix Jones, that got arrested in Seattle for dressing up like a superhero, and “fighting crime?” What the hell is wrong with that boy? He must have grown up in the suburbs with a bunch of crackers. Dude had a whole costume and everything. He apparently would prowl around, and pepper spray evil-doers. Well the evil-doers got tired of that mess, and pressed charges on this fool.

I just can’t believe that a black man would engage in such foolishness. As black men we are taught from a very young age to mind our own business. We ain’t witnesses. When you black you either a victim or an offender. There is no in between. When you call the police you sell out to whitey.

There is even a video of this knucklehead running around pepperspraying people. One thing I noticed in the video is that the “evil-doers” appear to be mostly white. Good thing, or Phoenix’s costume, along with his chest cavity, would be ventilated by small caliber gun fire. Real niggers don’t play that shit.

So, my brothers, let the Reverend preach to you for a minute. I don’t care what kind of nonsense crackers dreamed up in their comic books, being a hero just ain’t in a black man’s nature. That’s a honkey ideal. You can’t fly, you don’t have laser beam eyes, and you sure as hell ain’t bullet proof. Besides, we lack the instinct. When was the last time you were at a club when shots were fired, and you saw black men trying to protect each other? Man we just get the fuck out. We’ll trample our own mothers to get away from gunfire. So don’t make yourself an uncle tom by standing up to crime.

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