Detroit – Turning it Around

10 Oct

Man, that racist Paul Kersey at Stuff Black People Don’t Like has been dissing the hell out of Detroit. He’s been saying how the economy is all bad, and it’s like a third world country. These are all lies. There is an active campaign by whitey to make Detroit look terrible because it is predominantly black. They don’t tell you there is a Detroit based bioengineering firm that is single-handedly pulling Detroit, and the rest of the country, up by its bootstraps. That company is Sarif Industries.

Sarif Industries is a pioneer in the field of human augmentation. It is making a killing financially. It is on the cutting edge in technology, and it’s based in Detroit.

Unfortunately, whitey has been doing their level best to hide the advances that Sarif Industries has made. A bunch of honkies, probably government types like the CIA, have hacked their website to make Sarif Industries look bad.

The truth of the matter is that the economic impact Sarif Industries has on Detroit is real and it is significant. The positive impact of Sarif Industries on Detroit is being hidden from you by whitey. Don’t believe the lies. Detroit is on the way back, and they are dragging the black community with them.

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