Obama Can’t Do Nothing Right for the White

06 Oct

I remember when the First Brother, Barack Obama, was running for office. All the talking honkeyheads from Hannity to Rush were complaining that Obama would be soft on terrorism. So many people thought Obama was a Muslim, and therefore would not fight against the Muslims. No he done went and killed two terrorists and the crackers are still complaining. What do you crackers want?

Even worse than those racist white-wingers, are those disingenuous honkey liberals (;)) that are all pissed off. You got to dance with the one that brung you. Barack saved your sorry ass party. He made you feel like you don’t have be ashamed to be white, a grave error in my judgement. Now, after having relieved you of the original sin of slavery like some kind of black Jesus, this is how you treat him. You bastards owe him your souls, you should be following the man blindly like one of the apostles.

You wonder why I hate whitey? This is why! They’re all racist. I’m not sure which ones are more racistier, the white-wingers that are all open about hating black people or the disingenuous honkey liberals that are all smiles and equalities when they want something, but stab you in the back the minute you become politically inconvenient. Racist-ass crackers.

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