Hispanic Children are Racists

30 Sep

According to some racist-ass poll concocted by the wetback-cracker complex© , there are more hispanic children living in poverty than any other racial group. From The Washington Post:

In a report released Wednesday, the Pew Hispanic Center said that 6.1 million Hispanic children are poor, compared with 5 million non-Hispanic white children and 4.4 million black children. Pew said Hispanic poverty numbers have soared because of the impact of the recession on the growing number of Latinos.

First of all, it’s obvious this poll is racist because it claims that until recently there were more cracker kids living in poverty than black children. We all know that is bullshit because all honkies are born into privilege, and blacks are the most impoverished in the world! Now the beaners are trying to say they all poor. They just trying to get some free stuff. They trot their little wetback kids out there going, “look at me, I’m so poor” when their parents are the ones getting all the jobs that should be going to black people. They hoping the government will feel all sorry for them and start giving them the financial assistance that rightfully belongs to black people. It’s a damn conspiracy between the cracker government in this country and the Mexicans. They’ve combined forces like some kind of racial Voltron to push us out!

We have to stand up! We have to rise against the growing wetback-cracker complex! We can not let them force their way into this country! We can not let them force themselves into a seat at the table! We can not let them play on our sympathies! We can not give into our emotions when they trot their little “starving” wetback children in front of the honkey media! In someation, we can not let our emotions blind us to the the fact that they are taking what rightfully belongs to us, and giving it to the Mexicans!

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