The NFL is Racist

26 Sep

That’s right, I said it. The NFL is racist. I said it twice. I ain’t scared. I am not afraid to take on the honkies’ sacred cow. Whitey loves to use the NFL as a club to beat those of us who want equality over the head. Crackers like to say “how can we be racist when we spend so much money supporting all the niggers in the NFL?” Let me break it down for you crackers.

It is well known that the NFL has been over 60% black for something like 20 years. The problem is that while positions like wide receiver, running back, and defensive back are like 90% black honkies still have a strangle hold on the quarterback position.

To make it worse, there are only a handful of black head coaches. And how many black owners are there? Are there any? What about general managers? You never see owners and gms so I don’t know.

One person we have seen a lot lately is Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL. A cracker. He sits up in his fancy office while black men make him rich. Then he levies fines against those black men if they step out of line. How much more racist can you get?

I demand equality. There aren’t enough black quarterbacks. There are not enough black head coaches. There are not enough black men in positions of power. In short, equality can never be achieved unless there is a majority of blacks in every position of the NFL.

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