Swift Thoughts: Wayne Simmonds

23 Sep

Did you hear about Philadelphia Flyers Center Wayne Simmonds getting a banana thrown at him? That was a ritorical question. I already know the answer. If you are a cracker, of course you heard. If you are black, hell nah! For all the brothers:

Black NHL player Wayne Simmonds says he’s not going to comment any more on a fan throwing a banana peel on the ice as the Philadelphia Flyers forward was attempting an overtime shootout goal against the Detroit Red Wings in an exhibition game in London, Ontario Thursday night.

My reaction is this: What the hell are you doing playing hockey, Simmonds? What are you, some kind of Uncle Tom? “Yassir boss I’s skates real good!” You sell out your African heritage to play a white man’s sport, and you expect sympathy from the brothers? You want sympathy look between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. You lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas, you sell out!

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